Our primary objective is to provide our investors with current income and capital appreciation primarily through investment in U.S. community banks

The primary investment objective of StoneCastle Financial Corp. (Nasdaq: BANX) is current income. The secondary objective is capital appreciation.

Philosophy: We are a disciplined investor focused on investing in U.S. community banks. StoneCastle Financial Corp's investment philosophy is to minimize the risk of loss of principal while capitalizing on opportunity in the community banking sector.

As a value investor, we seek to invest in companies that have demonstrated a long history of generating significant free cash flow, and at prices well below long-term intrinsic value. We seek investments where there is a significantly higher probability of upside potential than downside risk.

Preservation of Capital: We expect a significant portion of our investments to be made in the form of income generating preferred stock with warrants or equity conversion rights. We therefore seek to minimize downside risk by investing in banks that exhibit the potential for long-term stability. We focus on minimizing the risk of losses by using StoneCastle Financial Corp's disciplined and proven underwriting process when providing capital to community banks. We target:

    • long-term investments in established companies;

    • disciplined credit underwriting processes and positive regulatory relationships;

    • companies with stable balance sheets, lending in attractive markets with solid fundamentals; and

    • experienced management teams with exceptional track records and ties to their local markets.

Schedule of Investments (unaudited)

As of March 31, 2020

StoneCastle Financial Corp. lists the breakdown of portfolio holdings on a yearly basis as reflected in the Company's public filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. More information about StoneCastle Financial can be found in the investor relations portion of our website or by visiting,

This presentation is for informational purposes only.



# of

Fair Value(3)

Term Loans – 16.1%

Banking − 16.1%

American Capital Bancorp

Subordinated Term Loan, 9.00%, 4/1/2028

 $          7,000,000

 $       6,816,250

Big Poppy Holdings, Inc.

Subordinated Term Loan, 6.50%, 7/1/2027

 $          3,500,000

 $       3,395,000

F.N.B.C. of La Grange, Inc.

Subordinated Term Loan, 6.38%, 1/1/2030

 $             700,000

 $         658,000

TransPecos Financial Corp.

Senior Term Loan, 9.00%, 10/1/2028

 $          4,000,000

 $       3,800,000

Tulsa Valley Bancshares

Subordinated Term Loan, 6.38%*, 12/31/2028

 $          1,700,000

 $       1,598,000

Young Partners, L.P.

Secured Term Loan, 10.50%, 11/9/2020

 $          4,565,000

 $       3,846,013


Total Term Loans
(Cost $21,205,294)


 $     20,113,263

Debt Securities – 7.5%

Banking − 7.5%

Deutsche Bank AG

Senior Unsecured Debt Obligation, Floating
Rate Notes, Credit Linked to CRAFT 2018-2A, Current period coupon
11.83%^, 1/20/2026, 144A(4)

 $          9,959,857

 $       7,314,500

MMCapS Funding I, Ltd. / MMCapS Funding I, Inc.

Fixed Rate Senior Notes, 6.34%, 6/8/2031,

 $          2,469,435

 $       1,531,050

Preferred Term Securities, Ltd.
/ Preferred Term Securities, Inc.

Fixed Rate Mezzanine Notes, 9.74%, 9/15/2030, 144A(4)

 $             569,076

 $         554,849


Total Debt Securities
(Cost $12,507,676)


 $       9,400,399

Trust Preferred Securities – 2.4%

Banking − 2.4%

Central Trust Company
Capital Trust I.

Junior Subordinated Debt (Trust Preferred
Security), 10.25%, 7/25/2031

 $          1,004,000

 $         927,445


Trust Preferred Security, Series 2015-1
9.74%, Note, 9/30/2030, 144A(4)

 $          2,016,697

 $       2,004,092


Total Trust Preferred Securities
(Cost $3,066,658)


 $       2,931,537

Credit Securitizations – 32.2%

Banking − 32.2%

Community Funding CLO, Ltd.

Preferred Shares(5) (Estimated effective yield 10.37%), 144A(4)

 $        45,500,000

 $     38,902,500

U.S. Capital Funding I, Ltd. /
U.S. Capital Funding I, Corp.

Subordinate Income Note, (Estimated effective yield 17.94%), 5/1/2034, 144A(4)

 $          4,700,000

 $       1,245,500


Total Credit Securitizations
(Cost $46,637,339)


 $     40,148,000

Pooled Equity Interest – 14.4%

Banking − 14.4%

Community Funding 2018, LLC.

Preferred Shares(5) (Estimated effective
yield 9.34%), 144A(4)

 $        22,860,000

 $     18,005,679


Total Pooled Equity Interest
(Cost $22,374,793)


 $     18,005,679

Preferred Stocks – 15.9%

Banking − 15.9%

Fidelity Federal Bancorp

Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred
Stock, Series A, 9%

 $          4,439,000

 $       4,217,050

Fidelity Federal Bancorp

Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred
Stock, Series B, 9%

 $               51,000

 $           48,450

First Marquis Holdings, LLC.

Variable Rate Perpetual Preferred Stock(5)
(Estimated effective yield 13.15%)(6)

 $          6,550,000

 $       6,513,975

Marshall Holdings Limited

Variable Rate Perpetual Preferred Stock(5)
(Estimated effective yield 12.10%)(6)

 $          5,000,000

 $       4,407,000

The Queensborough Company

Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A, 9%

 $          2,670,000

 $       2,536,500

The Queensborough Company

Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series B, 9%

 $               94,000

 $           89,300

TriState Capital Holdings

Fixed / Floating Cumulative Perpetual
Preferred Stock, 6.75% (TSCAP)

 $               80,000

 $       2,000,000


Total Preferred Stocks
(Cost $20,810,452)


 $     19,812,275

Exchange Traded Fund – 13.7%

Diversified Financials and Banking − 13.7%

iShares S&P U.S. Preferred Stock Index Fund

iShares U.S. Preferred Stock Index Fund -
Exchange Traded Fund (PFF)

 $             535,100

 $     17,037,584


Total Exchange Traded Fund
(Cost $20,064,987


 $     17,037,584


Total Long Term Investments
(Cost $146,667,199)


 $   127,448,737

Money Market Fund – 4.5%

Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Funds - Treasury Portfolio

Institutional Share Class - Money Market Mutual Fund (MISXX) 0.64%

 $          5,529,321

 $       5,529,321


Total Money Market Fund
(Cost $5,529,321)


 $       5,529,321


Total Investments
(Cost $152,196,520)(7)† — 106.7%


 $   132,978,058


Other assets and liabilities, net — (6.7)%(8)


 $     (8,299,580)


Total Net Assets — 100.0%


 $   124,678,478


(1) We do not “control” and are not an “affiliate” of any of our investments, each as defined in the Investment Company Act (the “1940 Act”).

(2) $ represents security position traded in par amount.

(3) Fair Value is determined in good faith in accordance with the Company’s valuation policy and is reviewed and accepted by the Company’s Board of Directors.

(4) Security is exempt from registration under Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933.

(5) The preferred shares are considered an equity position. Equity investments are entitled to recurring distributions which are generally equal to the remaining cash flow of the payments made by the underlying company’s securities less contractual payments to debt holders and company expenses. The estimated effective yield indicated is based upon a current projection of the amount and timing of these recurring distributions and the estimated amount of repayment of principal upon termination. Such projections are periodically reviewed and adjusted as needed. The estimated effective yield may ultimately not be realized.

(6) Investments determined using significant unobservable inputs (Level 3). The value of such securities is $10,920,975 or 8.8% of net assets.

(7) Cost values reflect accretion of original issue discount or market discount, and amortization of premium.

(8) Includes $9,000,000 in bank loans from Texas Capital Bank.

* The estimated effective yield including structuring fees paid annually through maturity of 2028 is 9.60%.

^ Current period coupon is based on the 3 month LIBOR rate plus 1,000 basis points at the time of purchase. Coupon resets on a quarterly basis on January, 20th, April 20th, July 20th and October 20th.

As of March 31, 2020, the tax cost basis of investment securities was $152,196,520. The gross unrealized appreciation over tax cost was $277,300 and gross unrealized depreciation under tax cost was ($19,495,762). Net unrealized depreciation of tax cost under value was ($19,218,462).


Additional Information

The following is a listing of the underlying unsecured loans, subordinated debentures and notes that were made by Community Funding CLO, Ltd. See Notes to Financial Statements for additional information on StoneCastle Financial Corp’s. investment in Community Funding CLO, Ltd.


Bank Name

Principal Amount


Bank Name

Principal Amount


Progress Financial Corporation

 $               5,500,000


Glacier Bancorp, Inc.

 $               7,500,000


Cornerstone Community Bancorp

 $               5,000,000


First State Holding Co.

 $               9,350,000


Bankwell Financial Group

 $               7,500,000


Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.

 $               7,500,000

New Jersey

Liberty Bank

 $               7,500,000


OceanFirst Financial Corp.

 $               7,500,000

New Jersey

Idaho Trust Bancorp

 $               5,000,000


Pathfinder Bancorp., Inc.

 $             10,000,000

New York

Bancorp Financial, Inc.

 $             12,500,000


Quontic Bank Holdings Corporation

 $               3,000,000

New York

Market Street Bancshares, Inc.

 $               7,500,000


MidWest Community Financial Corp.

 $               7,500,000


First Internet Bancorp

 $             10,000,000


Myers BancShares, Inc.

 $             10,000,000


Treynor Bancshares, Inc.

 $             12,500,000


First Resources Bank

 $               2,000,000


Freedom Bancshares, Inc.

 $               2,000,000


Victory Bancorp, Inc.

 $               5,000,000


Williams Holding Company, Inc.

 $               1,000,000


Sandhills Holding Company, Inc.

 $               8,500,000

South Carolina

CB&T Holding Corp.

 $             12,500,000


First Citizens Bancshares, Inc.

 $             10,000,000


Delmar Bancorp

 $               2,000,000


Happy Bancshares, Inc.

 $               7,500,000


Citizens Bancshares

 $             12,500,000


Linden Banshares, Inc.

 $               4,000,000


First Bancshares, Inc.

 $               2,500,000


First National Corporation

 $               5,000,000


Security State Bancshares, Inc.

 $             12,500,000


FS Bancorp. Inc.

 $             10,000,000


First Citizens BancShares, Inc. (FCNC)

 $               7,500,000

North Carolina

Bank First Corporation

 $               7,000,000



 $          246,850,000


The following is a listing of the underlying unsecured loans that were made by Community Funding 2018, LLC. See Notes to Financial Statements for additional information on StoneCastle Financial Corp’s. investment in Community Funding 2018, LLC.


Bank Name

Principal Amount


Big Poppy Holdings, Inc.

 $  9,000,000


Freeport Bancshares, Inc.

 $  3,150,000


Fidelity Federal Bancorp

 $  8,000,000


Halbur Bancshares

 $  3,000,000


Vintage Bancorp

 $  3,000,000


Delmar Bancorp

 $  4,500,000


First Bancshares



MidWest Regional Bank

 $  5,000,000


Lincoln Park Bancorp

 $  5,000,000

New Jersey

MidWest Community

 $  2,500,000


Peoples Bancshares

 $  4,000,000






Our board of directors provides the overall supervision and review of our affairs. Management of our portfolio will be the responsibility of our advisor's, StoneCastle Asset Management, LLC (our "Advisor"), investment committee. Messrs. Siegel and Shilowitz will be responsible for negotiating, structuring and managing of our investments. Our Advisor's investment professionals have significant experience sourcing, analyzing, investing and managing investments in community banks.

We expect to create and maintain an investment portfolio of securities focused on the bank market, with an emphasis on community banks, through investment in numerous issuers differentiated by asset sizes, business models and geographies to create a more stable, long-term portfolio of assets. Our Advisor will monitor our portfolio companies and market concentrations and may adjust its underwriting criteria based on market conditions and portfolio concentrations. Our Advisor's monitoring operations will include sensitivity analyses to determine the effects of changes in market conditions on our asset portfolio. These analyses may include, among other things, simulations of changes in interest rates, changes in economic activity and other events that would affect the forecasted performance of our assets.

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